A Personal Invitation to Help Restore America from Hon. Sam Rohrer

Dear Friends,

About 10 years ago, many of you assisted me in my run for Governor of Pennsylvania and/or US Senate. While God did not choose to place me in either position, He did move my heart to begin the impactful nationwide platforms of theAmerican Pastors NetworkandStand in the Gap Radio and TV.

During these years, it has remained my personal goal to identify our nation’s root problems and offer the only solution to our egregious plunge into lawlessness, immorality and corruption at all levels. In late November of 2022, I launched my new book, AMERICA’S Roadmap to Renewal: The Answer to Past Prayers and the Hope for the Future.

This beautiful book includes the 11 Bible principles essential for national greatness and God’s blessing. Accompanied by stories from American history, America’s Roadmap to Renewal condenses the secret of America’s former greatness as pulled from the pages of Scripture and embraced by our founders. 

As someone who cares deeply about the future of our nation, I’m asking for your help to share the only message capable of healing the soul of America and restoring the Blessing of God. This book contains current applicable research from Dr. George Barna and quotes from William Penn about the principles he and other founders embraced.

These principles include the very first essential principle of “Integrity” followed by the principle of “Understanding the Character and Nature of God” as the starting points, if as Penn said, “A Holy Experiment in self-governance” could ever happen. But it did happen!

Remember, no one can ever MAGA since no person or Party ever did! America can only be great again when we as Americans choose to truly Make God Great again in America and Americans will only ever make God Great again in America when they – we – Return to God in our hearts, minds and lives! This book, AMERICA’S Roadmap to Renewal: The Answer to Past Prayers and the Hope for the Future contains in succinct and readable form the biblical and historical Roadmap to Renewal.

Will you help me share this important message for our nation? Read it for yourself. Share it with others. Give it as a gift. Buy it for your pastor and elected leaders. This roadmap is not true because of anything I’ve done. It is true because it is what God prescribed, our Founders embraced and God blessed!

Here’s how you can help:

  •  Order a copy of America’s Roadmap to Renewal: The Answer to Past Prayers and the Hope for the Future NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon HERE.
  • Post your review of the book on Amazon, and any other site where books are sold or reviewed.
  • Share your thoughts about the book with your friends and contacts on social media.
  • Purchase the book as a Christmas gift for your Pastor or a friend.

I trust you will help to communicate the necessity of Returning to God now and the 11 principles
outlined in AMERICA’S Roadmap to Renewal: The Answer to Past Prayers and the Hope for the Future.

May God bless you and may God still yet bless America!

Standing in the Gap for Truth,

Hon. Sam Rohrer
President, American Pastors Network
Host, Stand in the Gap Radio and TV

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