PA Pastors Network presents: “Responding to Lawlessness-God’s Way” Conference Call Series for Pastors with Pastor Matt Trewhella

On Thursday, October 22, Pastors are invited to join Part 2 of a conference call on the theme of “Responding to Lawlessness God’s Way: The Fiction of Judicial Supremacy”.

Pastor Matt Trewhella will join the call as a guest to discuss this topic. If you missed Part 1 of “Responding to Lawlessness God’s Way: The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate”, you can watch the video HERE.

To join the call on Thursday, Oct. 22, from 9am-10am EST, please use the ZOOM link and information below.

ZOOM Link HERE. (Note: This link will not activate until 9am on Thursday)

Meeting ID: 835 4871 8290

Passcode: 385681

3 thoughts on “PA Pastors Network presents: “Responding to Lawlessness-God’s Way” Conference Call Series for Pastors with Pastor Matt Trewhella

  1. So, you followers of Christ, are okay with asymptomatic people spreading this disease to those who are vulnerable as long as you’re okay?
    And you believe in owning guns even though Christ never carried a weapon ?
    I would think that Jesus would approve of laws which protect his followers even though one must sacrifice. Which he did for us, apparently more than you can do.
    But perhaps you are still obsessed with the patriarchal orthodox Jewish Old Testament rather than the forgiving and loving New Testament?
    I don’t understand why a simple act like wearing a mask to protect your fellow congregants is against your right to freedom.
    Is American freedom all about infecting the weak in order to avoid inconveniencing ?

    1. Hello Francois,
      I’d encourage you to read an article by Leo Hohmann, a frequent guest on our radio programs concerning your COVID-19 questions

      The second amendment(the right to own the means of self protection-a gun(s)) is a biblical principle. When Jesus sends his disciples out for the final time before His death and resurrection, he tells them to buy a sword (the means of protection in those days). Our Founders understood this principle-and they also believed that an armed citizenry would keep tyranny at bay. This has proven true in many countries where, sadly, citizens were disarmed and placed under dictatorships. Here is a link to an older Stand in the Gap Radio program we produced on this topic HERE.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      1. Perhaps we are sometimes tempted to amplify Scriptures beyond their God given intent as in the example of turning the other cheek to someone who insults us with a slap, an insult Matt. 5:39. Actual physical danger must be defended against as we ourselves and those under our protection are made in the image of God Gen.1:27 and are therefore eternally precious in God’s sight. To make a reasonable defense would be backed up in Exodus 22:2.3 If a thief is found breaking in and is struck that he dies. there shall be no bloodguilt for him but if the sun has risen on him, there shall be bloodguilt for him. And even the protection of our own, 1 Timothy 5:8, He who does not provide for his own household is worse than an infidel. As Christians we cannot interpret Scripture so that it places us in a box that God never intended but to understand the full counsel of God for a complete understanding.

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