Pastors Send Historic Open Letter with Resolution Urging PA General Assembly to Restore the Law and to Declare Unlawful the Current COVID-19 Mandates by Gov. Wolf and PA Supreme Court Decisions

Includes the Constitutional Lawmaking Remedy to Restore the Balance of Power Usurped by the Governor and the Supreme Court, Restore Violated Constitutional Freedoms and Declare Certain Actions to Be ‘Null and Void and Without Authority’

As a growing number of restaurant and bar owners prepare to open at full capacity in defiance of coronavirus-related restrictions imposed by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, hundreds of pastors led by the American Pastors Network and Pennsylvania Pastors Network are raising their voices as leaders in the pulpit — and now at the statehouse — with an Open Letter to the Citizens and an historic resolution copied to all three branches of state government, and also featured today on

This letter from APN and PPN, which represent more than 1,200 PA pastors,explains that the current COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the executive branch are without authority, are therefore unlawful, and in violation of both the Constitution and statutory law, particularly since the General Assembly in accordance with the law ordered the Governor to rescind all COVID-19-related orders resulting from his natural disaster proclamation on March 6. The resolution calls out these realities and highlights how the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has only deepened the constitutional crisis, the letter states.

“To make matters more serious, the justices of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unilaterally assumed ‘King’s Bench’ supreme authority and aligned the court with our defiant governor and executive branch against the General Assembly, the Pennsylvania Constitution and the citizens of the Commonwealth….

“Recognizing that the constitutional status of the General Assembly has been unlawfully assaulted, the freedoms of the citizens limited or violated at will and seeing these actions justified by ever-changing guidelines and policies, we as pastors and moral leaders serving in ordained positions of authority within the church and society are compelled to step forward with wisdom and courage,” the pastors write.

APNPresident Sam Rohrer, a nine-term former Pennsylvania representative, says it’s time for the citizens of Pennsylvania to demand accountability of officials who clearly, repeatedly, unlawfully abuse their authority.

“Our goal is to make the people of Pennsylvania — pastors, ordinary citizens and even members of the legislature — fully understand how the current orders and guidelines imposed by the executive branch, and aided by the judicial branch, have their entire basis outside the law,” Rohrer said.

APN and PPN represent more than 1,200 pastors in Pennsylvania alone “committed to Truth and Liberty” — and poised to lead the country in lawful resistance to unlawful civil authority.

We are asking Pennsylvania citizens to urge their respective state representative and senator to issue a concurrent resolution declaring the decision of the PA Supreme Court justices acting on ‘King’s Bench’ authority in declaring the lawful action of the General Assembly, as contained in House Resolution 836, to be null, void, and without authority. This action would restore the law and the Constitutional Balance of Power usurped by the governor and court and set a needed precedent for other state legislatures to do the same,” Rohrer said.

The letter crescendos into a four-page resolution as a framework for immediate use by state lawmakers. Between the letter and the resolution, the actual Problem, Cause and Solution for the enormous hardships and confusion caused by unlawful executive orders are carefully considered and can with the fulfilment of Constitutional duties and obligations by the General Assembly Restore the Law in the Commonwealth. The resolution includes such statements as:

“WHEREAS, in defiance of the law, and with ill respect for the cries of the citizens and in defiance of the actions of the legislature, the governor and the Secretary of Health are guilty of imposing continued physical harm and perpetrating actions detrimental to the health of the citizens of the Commonwealth, as evidenced by measurable and identifiable increases in hospitalizations, panic, suicide, and addictions,” the resolution states.

“WHEREAS, the mandated mask guidelines for children over 2 years of age, including the guidance for mask wearing of children and social distancing of children in schools according to the provisions of 23 § 6303 (b.1)(8ii) and (8v) relating to child abuse, constitute interference with the breathing of a child. Additionally, the mask order, combined with the mandatory social distancing guidelines for children, constitutes unreasonable restraint or confinement of a child, and therefore inflicts on the children of this Commonwealth a clear instance of child abuse under the law. Further, the mask order encourages and ultimately forces adults who are mandated reporters to enable and participate in the very actions prescribed by the Commonwealth’s child abuse laws,” it continues.

In addition to causing physical harm and directly violating statutes — such as by depriving the children of Pennsylvania of “necessary educational opportunities as required by law” — the executive branch has proactively and illegally cut the legislative branch out of the now ill-informed regulatory process.

“The governor and the Secretary of Health not only do not seek but actively refuse the input of the legislature, they also reject the experience of other western nations and health professionals in the Commonwealth who understand that there is no proven harm for children to return to schools nor an increased risk to teachers or parents of children transmitting COVID-19.”

Rohrer says pastors should take the lead in holding officials accountable for abusing authority.

“Pastors should guide and lead citizens in identifying these violations of moral and civil authority and seek to hold these officials accountable to the Constitution and to the Bible, both of which make plain that all authorities are subject to God and are obligated to use their power with fidelity. In the United States, this includes obeying constitutional limits on each branch of government.”

9 thoughts on “Pastors Send Historic Open Letter with Resolution Urging PA General Assembly to Restore the Law and to Declare Unlawful the Current COVID-19 Mandates by Gov. Wolf and PA Supreme Court Decisions

  1. This is great work and our State Supreme Court, Governor, and Secretary of State must be held accountable for their unlawful acts. So proud of the Pastors With Backbone movement!

  2. I Support a Resolution Urging PA General Assembly to Restore the Law and to Declare Unlawful the Current COVID-19 Mandates by Gov. Wolf and PA Supreme Court Decisions

  3. Having read this open letter, I completely support the position taken by our pastors. The mandates being carried out under duress are not laws passed by the legislature but are being treated as such. What Governor Wolfe and the Secretary of Health have done with regard to mandates may have been tolerated in emergency circumstances for a brief period. This is an obvious power grab by them against the citizens of this country.

  4. I’ve just received this resolution from a friend .It is now a month since it was posted. I’m wondering
    if a response has been forthcoming. A Declaration of Suspension of Act 323 of 1978, sponsored by ep. Daryl Metcalf and a few others in the legislature is gathering signers at this time. I believe suspension is solely through the legislative branch with no interference allowed by the the executive or judicial branch.
    Please let me know if there have been any updates or other citizen actions that can be taken regarding the above resolution .

    1. Hello Kathy,
      We apologize for the late reply (I was on vacation last week). You are correct-the action needed is on the legislatures shoulders. At this time there aren’t enough supporters to override the Governor. We are encouraging citizens to call their legislators and let them know we want them to support the efforts of the bi-partisan leadership on this matter. And of course, please continue to pray!
      Amy Baisley
      Project Manager
      PA Pastors Network

  5. So, you followers of Christ, are okay with asymptomatic people spreading this disease to those who are vulnerable as long as you’re okay?
    And you believe in owning guns even though Christ never carried a weapon ?
    I would think that Jesus would approve of laws which protect his followers even though one must sacrifice. Which he did for us, apparently more than you can do.
    But perhaps you are still obsessed with the patriarchal orthodox Jewish Old Testament rather than the forgiving and loving New Testament?
    I don’t understand why a simple act like wearing a mask to protect your fellow congregants is against your right to freedom.
    Is American freedom all about infecting the weak in order to avoid inconveniencing ?

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