Down Syndrome Bills Front and Center in PA

Pennsylvania Pastors Network Urges Churches to Educate Community
About Proposed Abortion Law That Protects Valued Members of Society

Pro-life Pennsylvanians are urging residents to contact legislators about two bills—HB 2050 and SB 1050—that protect unborn children who are diagnosed with Down syndrome.

And the Pennsylvania Pastors Network is encouraging Christians, pastors and church leaders to spread the word about this important issue as the lawmaker votes near.

The House Bill passed the Appropriations Committee Monday, and the Senate Bill was referred to the Judiciary Committee in March. HB 2050 amends the Abortion Control Act to prohibit abortion based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

“These bills are crucial sanctity of life issues in our state,” said PPN Executive Director Gary Dull. “Family organizations, churches and pro-life groups are coming together to ensure that unborn babies who have been diagnosed with Down syndrome are given a chance at life. We must show that all are valued members of society and will make meaningful contributions over their precious lifetimes.”

Reports the Pennsylvania Family Council and Pennsylvania Family Institute (PFI), the “vast majority of women who are given a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome elect to have an abortion. In countries like Iceland, these babies are aborted nearly 100 percent of the time.” Additionally, under current Pennsylvania law, a woman can obtain an abortion up to six months in pregnancy for any reason, with only one exception—if the woman’s sole reason is to select the sex of the child.

“Pennsylvania should be a place where every individual—including those with Down syndrome—is protected, respected and valued,” PFI urges.

For more information on the initiative, including stories of Pennsylvania families and how to contact legislators, click HERE.

Besides serving with PPN, Dull is also a co-host of the American Pastors Network (APN) radio ministry “Stand in the Gap Today,” heard on about 425 stations nationwide from noon to 1 p.m. ET daily.

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