Time to Choose

By Sam Rohrer

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.” (Deut. 30:19).

As America’s sesquicentennial year approaches, and as we have recently remembered the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, we reflect on some of the history of our nation and actions undertaken so we might live free.

Without dispute, the war that’s underway around the world against freedom, Israel, the United States and the entire Western world—and witnessed in increasing acts of wanton terrorism worldwide—is Islam. Most disturbing, but something of which most non-Muslims seem oblivious, is that Islam is the primary source of terrorism and war worldwide and the reason we’re sacrificing the lives of precious freedom-loving American men and women every day.

The terrorism of ISIS as we’ve seen it acted out on our televisions in multiple countries is not some hijacked form of Islam. It is clear and pure Islam. Throughout the world, these horrendous acts of terror are nearly universally perpetrated by so-called “good Muslims,” not lone wolves or a small group of “outliers” who have hijacked a “peaceful religion.” Islam by definition, by the way, means submission—either willing or forced.

The fallacious and dangerous ‘peaceful’ view of Islam espoused by former President George W. Bush launched an Islamic propaganda strategy that is enabling the assault on freedom we see today. The murder of innocent people as they are rounded up and ruthlessly raped and killed in some countries and the acts that kill hundreds in events such as the Florida nightclub attack are lauded by Muslim leadership and considered perfectly normal to the Muslim belief system. In fact, it’s a political philosophy of expansion of Islam and condoned as a means of establishing a worldwide ruling caliphate.

Some professing Christians and many pulpits have chosen to believe the Bush view and become silent enablers of this “grand deception.” As a result of the Bush view and rising calls for peace through political correctness, Western governments and militaries have become impotent in the face of militant jihadist Islam. This assures the growth of worldwide jihad.

We are now at a critical and crucial point of understanding the true threat of Islam. It is the lie that, if not soon understood, will cause the collapse of America and the Western world.

Unlike Islamic sympathizers or biblically ignorant non-Muslims, jihadist terrorists are not exceptions to the rule, they are the rule. They are the “point of the Islamic jihadi spear.” The mainstream media would have us believe all Muslims are benign in their beliefs. They are selling us the lie that good Muslims are peace-loving and simply want to live their lives, practice their faith, attend their mosques and raise their families.

This is despite the fact that “good Muslims,” including their children, attend mosques where sharia law is drilled into their minds and hearts as dictated by Muhammad and the Quran. It is totally unlike any other religion that people can halfway practice in peace like Catholicism or Evangelicalism. The truth is hard to believe, but it should make every non-Muslim revolt in horror. When a ‘good Muslim’ attends a mosque, they learn jihad because this is what is taught:

  • Imams who lead these mosques are “certified in sharia” by one of two Muslim Brotherhood-directed institutions either in Egypt or Saudi Arabia.
  • It is the teaching of sharia that requires jihad as mandated by Muhammad and the Quran. It is this teaching that makes Islam incompatible with Judeo-Christian or Western thought.
  • It is why this ideology is antithetical to our U.S. Constitution and can never be compatible with or protected under the First Amendment.
  • It is this teaching of sharia in mosques that recruits and trains “good Muslims” to follow the dictates of Muhammad and the Quran, which commands them to kill or subdue all infidels (all non-Muslims).
  • It is this reality that makes mosques not centers of legitimate worship but recruiting and training centers for terrorists, and why mosques are not “churches” in the sense as envisioned by most Americans and by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Islam’s teaching authorizes the use of lying and deception—taqiya—to whatever degree possible to undermine and destroy all ideologies or political systems opposed to the Islamic political system and way of life.
  • It is taqiya that commands every Muslim to lie and deceive to further the cause of Muslim world domination.
  • The local mosque is where “good Muslims” are taught to follow and pursue sharia, which demands the death and destruction of all unbelievers and the United States of America (the Great Satan) and Israel (the Little Satan). It is also where the destruction and the collapse of the entire Western world is demanded.
  • Another advanced strategy of deception taught to be used in this war is the silencing of the pulpits of America and Islamic infiltration into the government to aid in the unwitting facilitation of the destruction of America.

This is not a hijacked view of Islam (read the Quran chapters 1-9) but the historic, pure view of Islam and Muhammad. The lie that Islam is peaceful, that ISIS-type terrorists are untypical of Islam, and Muslims generally are “good Muslims” who want just what Jews, Christians and those who believe in a Judeo-Christian view of life have is the lie that must be addressed.

The truth is that Islam teaches, yes commands, Muslims, to be involved in jihad—actions like those of the 9/11 hijackers, the Paris, London and Orlando bombers and the perpetrators of death and destruction around the world.

“Good Muslims” are commanded to be either active jihad, like ISIS, al Qaida, al Shabob or any of the groups that spring into existence seemingly out of nowhere, or to be “stealth jihad.” The choice to become an active jihadist like ISIS is to become part of the “tip of the jihadi spear.”

The more common choice is to become part of “stealth jihad/civilization jihad”—a part of the larger and less visible “shaft of the jihadi spear.” Those who choose the path of “stealth jihad”—the “peaceful appearing” Muslim chooses to quietly send money to support the training and recruitment of active jihadists in the over 3,000 jihadi training centers across America called mosques.

These Muslims finance, otherwise facilitate or enable the ‘tip of the spear’ jihadists. They quietly work to advance a most sophisticated propaganda machine dedicated to advancing the strategy perpetrated by such Islamic organizations as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood of North America—the world’s leading jihadist terrorist organization. This leaves a third group of Muslims who, while still possessing a choice, do so with potentially fatal results.

This third group of Muslims, of which there are hundreds of thousands, are Muslim by birth or Muslims by the fact that they grew up in a Muslim culture or a sharia-led society. These are Muslims, not by choice, but by coercion or forced involuntary servitude. These Muslims are not “good Muslims” but they must still make a choice. When confronted with the truth, all Muslims must choose to be part of the tip or the spear or to leave Islam altogether.

In reality, tens of thousands of Muslims worldwide are coming to faith in Christ and experiencing true freedom. For many, this choice results in death because Muhammad and the Quran mandate the death of all Muslims who choose anything other than the way of Muhammad.

For American Muslims who are still protected by the civil laws of the United states, there is still an opportunity to choose. They must choose life and freedom in Jesus Christ or choose death and slavery in Islam. In America, they can still choose life without the promise of death under sharia. But they must choose.

As an American Christian, I desire all people to come to Christ, experience the assurance of eternal life with God and to enjoy an earthly life blessed by God. That means Muslims, Christians-in-name-only, atheists or any other person who has not yet agreed with God, repented of their sin and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior still has hope. Those who know the truth of God’s Word and stop believing the lies must choose life in Christ or this nation will fall. The shining city on a hill will grow dark and the world will fall into the hands of a totalitarian regime that will make all previous wars and atrocities appear like child’s play.

From this day forward, may American Christians, pastors standing in the pulpits of America, members of the government and all “gatekeepers” of truth in our country redouble their effort to help those who hear them to choose wisely.

When America’s sesquicentennial year comes, will there be Christian faith left on the earth? Truly, the future of our homes, families and country are at stake.

This article was originally published on Charisma News HERE.

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