Breaking Headlines From Israel Discussed by Pastors

On “Stand in the Gap Today,” the radio ministry of American Pastors Networkco-hosts Sam Rohrer, Dave Kistler and Gary Dull discussed breaking news from Israel on the radio program that considers daily headlines from the biblical and constitutional perspective—perhaps like no other.

Wednesday’s show (July 26, 2017) , titled “Meltdown in the Middle East,” focused on the Turkish president’s call for Muslims to visit and protect Jerusalem after recent violence. Earlier this month, metal detectors were installed, and later removed, at Temple Mount, a sensitive holy site in the city. Palestinians viewed the security measures as Israel asserting further control over the site, and deadly clashes erupted during protests.

The hosts and frequent guest Jimmy DeYoung of Prophecy Today discussed the news and talked about how Christians must stay informed of breaking developments like these in Israel.

Click here to listen to the program with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung.

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