9 Unelected Officials Threaten Pennsylvania’s Religious Freedom, Privacy Rights

Proposed Change Would Undermine Personal Privacy and Religious Liberty

This article is taken from PA Family Institute’s website HERE.

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) is proposing a dangerous end-run around the legislature that seriously threatens your personal privacy and religious liberty. We need you to take action today to protect your freedom!

For nearly 50 years, the PA Human Relations Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of “sex.” Throughout all those decades, sex has always been defined in law and practice to mean “male” and “female.”

Now, the PA Human Relations Commission, which consists of nine unelected officials appointed by the governor, is looking to effectively redefine “sex”  (the word as it appears in the law) to mean “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” (phrases that are not in the law).  These are broad-ranging phrases with imprecise definitions that will spur expensive lawsuits and undermine our freedom.

This proposed action is a blatant attempt to take power and authority from the people and our elected representatives, and it puts our freedom and personal privacy in danger.

  • This action would enable the PHRC to force open locker rooms & dressing rooms, showers and restrooms in schools, stores, movie theaters, churches and businesses to those of the opposite sex that identify otherwise. To put it more simply, it would allow males into women’s showers and restrooms, and women into men’s rooms.
  • This action would empower the PHRC to prevent religious schools, ministries and other faith-oriented organizations from hiring only those that abide by the standards established by that faith.  For example, Christian schools would no longer be able to solely hire teachers and staff members that adhere to and live by Christian teachings on human sexuality.
  • This action could empower the PHRC to eventually force homeless shelters, camp cabins and school and college dorms to open up to those of the opposite sex that identify otherwise.  Imagine forcing a shelter for abused women to admit a person – male in every way, except how he identifies – in amongst the other residents.

LGBT advocates have sought to make this change through the legislature for more than a decade without success – thanks to an outpouring of citizens who understand how this will undermine privacy and religious freedom. Now, unelected government officials are seeking to push this harmful policy upon all Pennsylvanians. Your voice is needed to stop this unlawful action.

To learn more and to sign a petition, please click HERE.

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