Tipping Point Summit Videos!

The Tipping Point Summit took place on Sept. 10th at Grace Chapel in York, PA. To watch the videos, please click on the links below:

Video 1 with Sam Rohrer, President of the PA Pastors Network on “Preparing for Persecution”.

Video 2 with Pastor Jamie Mitchell, Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel.

Here’s more about the Tipping Point Summit…

The Pennsylvania Pastors Networkin partnership with Grace Fellowship of York, is planning the free, half-day Tipping Point Summit that will mobilize, energize and equip pastors and church leaders to address the most critical issues of the day from the pulpit.

The Summit, set for 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Sept. 10, is free to attend, either in York, Pa., or via live-stream. The event seeks to create a grassroots effort among a non-denominational and diverse group of Bible believers who are coming together in unity to deal with the urgency of the times and helping to demonstrate how pastors can step up as cultural leaders, especially in this critical election year.

“As we watch headlines unfold about violence, terror and policies that break down the family and the church, there is perhaps no more crucial time for pastors and church leaders across the nation to truly step up and take an active role in serving as a catalyst for culture change,” said Gary Dull, PPN executive director, who will serve as the moderator for the event. “Here in Pennsylvania, the Tipping Point Summit on September 10 in York will do just that. This intense half-day of energy, motivation and empowerment will have pastors leaving ready to change their way of preaching, their churches, their communities and the world.”

The morning will include three presentations, as well as three diverse Q&A panels. Speakers are:

  • Pastor Michael Anthony: “The Role of Pastors & Christian Leaders in America: Humble Courage & Biblical Unity;” Anthony, who has appeared on CNN and in The New York Times, Politico and TownHall.com, will discuss the church’s role in culture. He is also founder of the National Week of Repentance (www.revivalmatters.com), founder and president of Godfactor.com and lead pastor of Grace Fellowship of York (www.graceyork.com).
  • The Hon. Sam Rohrer: “The Reality of Persecution & How We Can Prepare;” Rohrer is president of the American Pastors Network (APN, www.AmericanPastorsNetwork.net), of which the PPN is a state chapter, and a former Pennsylvania legislator for nearly 20 years.
  • Pastor Jamie Mitchell: “A Biblical Roadmap for Perseverance & Action;” Mitchell is senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Lancaster, Pa.

For more information or to register for the Tipping Point Summit, hosted by Grace Fellowship, 1405 Seven Valleys Road, York, Pa. 17408, visit www.tippingpointamerica.com or www.facebook.com/pastorsunite.

One thought on “Tipping Point Summit Videos!

  1. Is this events open to those who are not a pastor , but a fellow believer in the Christ and the Gospal , and feel this is a time in life where we need to take a stance in correcting and influencing the ways of our culture and the world by sharing and impimanting the values and beliefs of the Gospal , God has a plan , and the plan is not yet complete , we all have a part to play in showing the power of the Holy Spirit , and the creator of this world , I’ll be praying for all that are inolved in the process of this seminar , God bless to all who believe .

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