Pennsylvania Pastors Network Calls on PA Residents to Contact Legislators About Two Harmful Privacy Bills

The Pennsylvania Pastors Network is urging Pennsylvanians to contact state legislators about two dangerous and disturbing “bathroom bills” in the Keystone State—HB1510 in the House and its sister bill, SB974, in the Senate.

According to the Pennsylvania Family Council (PFC), the bills are among Gov. Tom Wolf’s top priorities, and the proposed laws would “force all facilities open to the public to allow persons, regardless of biological sex, access to all bathrooms, showers and changing areas.”

Last Wednesday, PFC also reported that committee meetings that could have furthered the bills were canceled—a temporary victory—but votes could come up again this week in the House and Senate. Therefore, PPN is asking concerned citizens to contact their lawmakers to express their opposition to the harmful bills, as well as commit to attending the “Defend My Privacy” Rally in Harrisburg on June 27.

“It is immensely important that pastors and church leaders step up to inform their congregations about these pressing issues that affect every Pennsylvanian,” said Executive Director Gary Dull. “These proposed laws, HB1510 and SB974, are crucial, timely and concerning for every Pennsylvania family. These are not ‘bathroom’ issues, per se, but also about privacy and the protection of women and children who may be harmed by predators and those with evil intentions who would take advantage of doors that have been opened to them by state policy. It is imperative now that we tell our friends, family members, neighbors and those in our churches about these dangerous bills, and encourage them to contact lawmakers. Many may not know this is happening right in our state.”

Added Sam Rohrer, president of PPN and the American Pastors Network (APN,, of which PPN is a state chapter, “When addressing such critical issues, pastors and all morally minded citizens must stand on the clear biblical and moral foundation. At stake is the matter of justice and moral truth. To accept such efforts to distort this reality is to sacrifice moral truth and justice based on truth. At stake is every man’s and every father’s and every person in government’s responsibility to protect our citizens from harm and predators—and particularly the most vulnerable among us: our children, our wives and our daughters.

“To accept such efforts to distort this reality is to retreat from those fundamental obligations of every person of integrity and character and the very essence of manhood,” Rohrer continued. “At stake is the defense of the matter of God-designed natural law as reflected in the biological distinctions between male and female. To accept such efforts to distort is to stand silent and to permit a full assault on God Himself! To accept such efforts to distort is to submit to the increasingly vocal and aggressive ‘Predator Enablers’ who pursue such changes. To accept such efforts to distort is to be complicit in the attack of truth itself.”

Read more about how the bills affect bathrooms and showers HERE.
In the Senate, some senators are looking to advance Wolf’s agenda, according to PFC, with serious implications for personal privacy, safety and religious freedom. Thus far, SB974, which would open women’s bathrooms, showers, dressing rooms and dorms to men and boys who self-identify otherwise, has been stalled by calls and letters from concerned citizens. But now, well-funded, out-of-state special interest groups and powerful lobbyists continue to push, and the latest move is to split SB974 into parts to force it through in a piecemeal basis.
The first two parts are SB1306 and SB1307, reports PFC. SB1306 endangers personal privacy in workplaces, and has serious religious freedom and freedom of conscience threats to religious schools, Christian camps and church employers. SB1307 deals with housing, which would implicate bathrooms, showers and even dorm rooms themselves, in college dorms and other housing situations.
In the House, a “discharge resolution” could advance HB1510, which has similar implications to the Senate bill.
PPN and APN are urging Pennsylvanians to take action on the bills in the following ways:
1. Email state senators and tell them to vote no on SB1306, SB1307 and SB974.
2. Email state representatives via to oppose both the discharge resolution and HB1510.
3. Encourage pastors to talk about these important issues.
4. Pray that lawmakers will make the right decision for Pennsylvania families.
5. Attend the “Defend My Privacy” Rally on June 27 at the State Capitol.
The “Defend My Privacy” Rally aims to let lawmakers know how important privacy is to Pennsylvanians. With more than 20 senators and 80-plus representatives who directly support proposed legislation that would force all businesses, schools and churches to open women-only bathrooms and showers to men, it’s imperative that Pennsylvanians join the “Defend My Privacy” Coalition.
Some of the lawmakers in support of the bills, reports PFC, are actively making false claims that the proposed legislation would not impact bathrooms and privacy rights.
WHO: Defend My Privacy Coalition
WHAT: Defend My Privacy Rally (free and no tickets are needed)
WHERE: Rotunda of the Pennsylvania State Capitol, Harrisburg, Pa.
WHEN: 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Monday, June 27
WHY: To protect privacy of all Pennsylvanians in regards to proposed bathroom bills
HOW: Click HERE to RSVP or sign up on Facebook
“It is concerning that businesses like Target and Hersheypark (which recently publicized its policy to allow males who self-identify as female to use women’s bathrooms in the Pennsylvania park), would allow men to use women-only restroom and changing areas,” reported PFC in a message to its constituents. “But for the government to aggressively pursue a one-size-fits-all, privacy-eliminating policy upon every business, school and church—that is completely out of line and it must be stopped.”
Those wishing to learn more about the bills can visit the Pennsylvania Family Council page dedicated to the issue, titled “”

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