PPN to Governor Wolf: Please Protect the Commonwealth

Executive Director and Vice President Gary Dull sent a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf today, urging him to reconsider his position to welcome potentially unvetted Syrian refugees to the Commonwealth.

“In your letter you say, ‘As governor of Pennsylvania, my first priority is protecting the commonwealth,’ with which I totally agree,” Dull wrote on behalf of PPN, a state chapter of the American Pastors Network (APN,www.americanpastorsnetwork.net). “But, along with many pastors and other citizens across PA, I believe the invitation to allow the Syrian refugees to settle here has the potential to bring great harm through possible terrorist activity.

“I know that you, President Obama and others in his administration, believe that every refugee can be vetted properly, but it is my concern that the vetting process currently being used may not be totally tested. In addition, any potential ISIS member who would be embedded into the ranks of the refugees possibly has the proper training to slip under the radar and therefore enter Pennsylvania with the intent to harm our citizens.”

Dull added that the blood of those harmed or killed would be on the governor’s hands.

“As a pastor,” Dull continued, “I have great compassion for the poor and needy of war-torn countries. I believe the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have a great heritage of providing for those who have suffered from tyrannical governments of the world throughout the years.

“I hold to the fact that immigration is not a bad thing, and that many who want to come here to find true liberty and opportunity should be welcomed,” he continued. “But in these days of radical Islamic terrorist activity, we all know that not every immigrant or refugee would come to America with a pure motive of searching for a new life, liberty and opportunity. The risk is too great to those who live here and you cannot give us a 100 percent guarantee that no harm will result to Pennsylvanians and others across America.”

To read Dr. Gary Dull’s letter to Governor Wolf, please click HERE.

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