Pastors, Congregations Must Consider Societal Issues as PA Primary Looms

With the primary election in Pennsylvania on the calendar for Tuesday, May 19, the Pennsylvania Pastors Network is reminding pastors and churches of their role in the political process.

“As pastors and church leaders, we must remind our congregations that they have a role and a responsibility at election time to vote according to biblical and constitutional truths at the ballot box,” said PPN President Sam Rohrer, who is also president of the American Pastors Network (APN, “Here in Pennsylvania, for example, voters will decide upon three state Supreme Court seats, as well as other judicial races. Judges often rule on religious liberty issues, and we must choose carefully those who will uphold the law in Pennsylvania, in accordance with our state and national constitutions. These are not issues pastors should shy away from, but rather they should educate and enlighten their congregations about the matters crucial to our state and the country.”

In Pennsylvania, other municipal and school board decisions will also be decided on May 19.

Research from the Barna Research Group found in 2014 that while 90 percent of pastors believe the Bible has much to say about today’s pressing political and societal issues, less than 10 percent are talking about them from the pulpit. The survey polled pastors across the country about their beliefs regarding the relevancy of Scripture to societal, moral and political issues, and the content of their sermons in light of their beliefs.

“…When we ask them about all the key issues of the day, [90 percent of them are] telling us, ‘Yes, the Bible speaks to every one of these issues,’” reported George Barna, founder and former president of the Barna Research Group. “Then we ask them: ‘Well, are you teaching your people what the Bible says about those issues?’ and the numbers drop … to less than 10 percent of pastors who say they will speak to it.”

Both APN and PPN offer pastors numerous online resources that help clergy choose sermon topics and find information for other church ministries. With some free and some paid resources, topics include abortion, apologetics, creation, the culture war, economics, education, the environment, history, homosexuality, Islam and marriage, along with many others.

The Pennsylvania Pastors Network encourages pastors to bring together biblical and constitutional principles in their sermons and provides resources to pastors throughout the state. For more information on PPN, visit its web site at, its Facebook page or call 610.901.3607.


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  1. Hello Sam – It’s been quite a while since we’ve connected. It’s wonderful to read your message. Are you willing to give me the names of those you feel worthy of the three state Supreme Court seats and any other judicial races. Thank you. Wishing you and your family well. Karen B

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