Action Alert: Pastors Called to Engage on Marriage Issue

Pennsylvania Pastors Network Urges All  Pastors, Leaders, Individuals, Church Members To:

1) Call and write letters to Governor Corbett to appeal the ruling to overturn the PA Defense of Marriage Act: 717-787-2500 or

2) Call your State Rep. and State Senator TODAY and ask them to co-sponsor HR891 and SR403, respectively. (Look up your state legislators here.)


First, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has until June 19 to appeal the decision that Judge Jones made striking down the PA Defense of Marriage Act. If you call him today, he still has time to act!

Second, your phone calls to your state legislators are critical to ask them to co-sponsor the House and Senate Resolutions calling for Corbett to defend Pennsylvania law and sovereignty. The vote will come up early next week. Please call today!

In a memo that was circulated by Rep. Metcalfe to the House Members, he urges his fellow legislators to take action: (see excerpts below):

“There is still time for the Governor to reverse his decision, but time is of the essence.”

Show your support for resolutions spearheaded by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R.-Butler) in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Sen. John Eichelberger (R.-Hollidaysburg) in the Senate calling for the Corbett Administration to appeal the recent court decision that invalidated Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act.

“We have called for these resolutions because no laws passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature-past, present or future-are safe any longer if these egregious actions by unelected federal judges are not stopped,” said PPN President Sam Rohrer. “Matters such as this plague every state and should unsettle every American. The question for Pennsylvanians today is, ‘Who do you want making Pennsylvania laws? One unelected judge? Or the Representatives you, the people, elect to the State House to represent your interests?’

“This particular decision blatantly violated the Tenth Amendment guarantee that the powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the States and the people. The next decision will take away the freedoms guaranteed in other Amendments. The trigger today is marriage, but the issue is much larger. If federal intrusion into state law can happen with the Tenth Amendment to our Constitution, then who can say it won’t happen with the First, Second, Fourth or any other constitutional Amendment outlining protections of personal liberty for Americans? The answer is, ‘No one.’ Now is the time to stand in the gap for truth and defend the rule of law.”

The resolutions would direct the Governor by vote of the House and Senate to appeal the ruling based on the violation of state sovereignty and the decision of a single judge.

Please take action today. Marriage is in grave danger in Pennsylvania.

In the defense of truth and freedom,


Sam Rohrer

President, Pennsylvania Pastors Network

One thought on “Action Alert: Pastors Called to Engage on Marriage Issue

  1. Governor Corbett,

    Please defend Marriage as being 1 Man and 1 Woman! I will be watching how you respond!

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