PPN Voter Central

Dear Voter,

As Christian citizens of the United States, we not only have a  tremendous opportunity to reflect our values in the voting process, we have a duty to vote Biblically and do our part to “keep our republic” as Ben Franklin warned. Scripture tells us in Prov. 29:2 that ‘If the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, but if the evil bear rule, the people mourn.”   There is therefore a requirement to assist, pray for, and vote for candidates for public office who reflect Biblical qualifications.

Having spent 18 years as a Pennsylvania State Representative and running statewide for Governor in 2010, I’ve seen many candidates come and go. I cast thousands of votes on many issues. I quickly saw the need for two important things. The need for a simple ‘voting checklist’ to ensure that my votes would be Biblical and Constitutional was critical. A checklist ‘tool’ that voters could use to qualify candidates who would vote ‘biblical and constitutional’ was lacking but very critical. I share with you the following “voting integrity checklist” that I developed to meet this need.  This is a list of guiding principles represented by questions that had to be answered before I cast my vote. These questions helped me and others to determine the best biblically and constitutionally principled choice.  Any candidate for office who will commit to using this checklist in their voting and will hold themselves accountable to the voting public on this checklist is worthy of the public’s trust.

Below, I’ve included these questions in the hope that as you approach the election booth this November, you will cast your vote-not by blind chance-but by clear guiding principles that will bring about the best desired outcome. In the end, as Christians, we must vote Biblically. Our loyalty is not to a party, but to God. Unless we keep this in mind, we will lose our republic and we will continue to mourn as the evil rule over us.  Every vote is important and particularly so, when it is carried out with an informed mind and a conscientious heart.

-Sam Rohrer, President

American Pastors Network

Voting Integrity Checklist

  • Is it Moral?
  • Is it Constitutional?
  • Does it preserve individual freedom and responsibility? (vs. strengthening government control)
  • Does it strengthen and /or preserve the traditional family? (vs. attacking or compromising the family)
  • Is it in the best interest of the general public?  (vs. aiding a special interest)
  • Is it necessary?  If yes,
  • Should it be done on the federal level or local level?  If yes,
  • Is this an efficient and effective way to do it?
  • Do we (the US) have the money to pay for it?


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